Friend named suspect in infamous cold murder case of NY student strangled, dumped in garbage bag

Police have a new suspect in the unsolved case of a 16-year-old girl who was found strangled and dumped in a garbage bag in Brooklyn 10 years ago.

Veron Primus was friends with victim Chanel Petro-Nixon, who went missing on Father’s Day in 2006 and was later found murdered in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in New York.

Officers have visited a jail to question Primus, now 29, in his native St Vincent, where he is facing kidnapping and murder charges.

Police have a new suspect in the murder of Chanel Petro-Nixon (pictured), who was found killed and dumped in a garbage bag on the sidewalk in 2006  Veron Primus (right) was a high school friend

Officers have visited a jail to question Primus, now 29, in his native St Vincent, where he is facing kidnapping and murder charges  He is accused of murdering real-estate agent Sharleen Greaves

The news comes as the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, Mewanah Hadaway, shared the harrowing tale of how she was allegedly kept captivity in a crude wooden enclosure for three and a half months.

She escaped after putting a note in a medical container, which the housekeeper found then went to the police, Miss Hadaway explains in an interview on Crime Watch Daily due to air today.

In a special CWDaily investigation, veteran PIX11 reporter Mary Murphy travels to the island of St. Vincent to look into a possible connection between the murder of Miss Petro-Nixon and the kidnapping case on the small island in the Caribbean.

Police uncovered evidence that he murdered a St Vincent real estate agent while investigating the kidnapping, the investigation found.

Miss Hadaway claimed he showed her clippings about the case and admitted killing the girl while she was held captive.

She claims that Primus, who repeatedly assaulted her, even had a cell phone video of a grave that he dug and threatened to put Miss Petro-Nixon in.

Officers also believe that Miss Petro-Nixon was held captive after disappearing on June 18, 2006, before she was found four days later dumped on the sidewalk.

The teen told her mother she was going to meet Primus to fill out job applications at Applebee’s on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, although he later told a friend she had stood him up, according to PIX11.

The pair knew each other from school and the Seventh Day Adventist Church, where their families both went, the report claims.

The straight-A student was also found with a chemical scar on her leg which some investigators believe may have been from the bleach that was used to kill her.

NYPD cops interviewed Miss Hadaway in April and returned to the island last week to question Primus, talking to him for 45 minutes before he requested a lawyer.

They described the interview as ‘fruitful’ but he did not confess to the crime.

A pimp had been previously linked to her death, but this was dismissed, and the murder has since become one of the most infamous cold cases in the city.

Primus was charged in April with killing real-estate agent Sharleen Greaves – who was found dead in her office in November – according to local media on the island.

Source: The DailyMail

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