Gangster with ties to Bobby Shmurda gets 98-year prison sentence for ‘cold-blooded murder’

A gangster with ties to Bobby Shmurda has been jailed for 98 years for conspiracy, murder and assault.

Rashid Derissant, 24, a member of GS9, was given the lengthy prison term after being found guilty of gang-related charges.

He shot and killed a 19-year-old rival in a Brooklyn bodega in February 2013. He then tried to kill three others in the same incident, investigators have said.

According to the New York Daily News he shot a 22-year-old woman in July 2014 and then gunned down an innocent bystander in the neck and hip.

New York prosecutors say the conspiracy, which Shmurda is also said to be a part of, began with crack dealing in Brooklyn, spanned nearly two years, and was connected to the Crip gang.

Ackquille Pollard, who uses the rap name Bobby Shmurda, was arrested in December 2014, and at the time the judge set bail at $2million.

He has now been in jail for over a year awaiting trial on drugs and weapons charges.

His family has tried and failed at least seven times to post his bail, due to the very-high price.

Attorneys for Shmurda have tried to lower the bond cost, but have failed each time.

During one of the court appearances, Shurmda wore a pair of $500 red shoes.

Derissant was found guilty following an eight-week trial that ended in April.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said at the time: ‘As indicated by their verdict, the jurors in this trial heard evidence describing a cold-blooded murder, wild gunplay and a terrifying disregard for the safety of innocent bystanders as the defendants tried to violently settle scores with rivals in New York City and beyond,’ said

‘When Rashid Derissant and Alex Crandon (his co-accused) were armed, theirs was a neighborhood under siege. When they traveled to Miami Beach, they spread terror as they fired randomly at a nightclub.

‘They took their New York City based grievances and rivalries to Miami, assuming that they could act with impunity there, claiming they were merely members of a music group. Their convictions on these crimes make our city a safer place.’

Ackquille Pollard, who uses the rap name Bobby Shmurda (pictured in court in January), was arrested in December 2014, and at the time the judge set bail at $2million. He has now been in jail for over a year awaiting trial on drugs and weapons charges

Shmurda made the strange decision to wear a $450 pair of patent-leather Bally brand-name shoes during that court appearance 

According to a statement released from the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor at the end of the trial: ‘The gang sold narcotics to make money, some of which went towards gun purchases.

‘As the violence escalated, members of GS9 sought to shoot members of rival crews, often discussing their efforts and plotting attacks in recorded phone conversations with incarcerated GS9 members.

‘Retaliatory shootings took place in New York City and Miami, where the gang members recklessly shot into crowds of innocent bystanders.

‘Evidence presented at trial included testimony from law enforcement officers and experts, medical examiners, and eye-witnesses, as well as surveillance video, recorded phone conversations, social media postings, DNA and ballistics evidence, and 11 firearms seized during the course of the investigation.’

Source: The DailyMail

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