Geno Smith’s Broken Jaw Could Be a Gift and a Curse to New York Jets

Could it be possible that the greatest connection of Geno Smith’s three-year career came when his face was on the other end of an IK Enemkpali punch? If you ask many New York Jets fans, the quarterback’s broken jaw will give the team a chance to start off on a pretty clean slate.

Not only is Smith nearing the end of his rookie contract, but he also has not been the most productive teammate around — and not just in terms of his perceived bad attitude.

Let’s take last year for instance. In 14 games, Smith threw for 2,525 yards with a completion, total quarterback and passer rating of 59.7 percent, 44.3 and 77.5. To the common eye, it looks sort of decent for a young player on a bad team. Now toss in 13 touchdowns to go with his 13 interceptions and you see why people seem a little more than excited for Ryan Fitzpatrick to take over for the signal caller that ESPN’s Ron Jaworski ranked at No. 29 of 32 — behind two rookies and a quarterback who barely sniffed a snap with the Houston Texans and New England Patriots.

The problem is that although Fitzpatrick has easily put up better numbers over his 11 years, he has never contributed to a winning record after going 33-55 for his career. So for all the joy that some fans are getting out of Smith’s injury, the situation may have gone from bad to worse — or at least similarly horrible on the same level.

With that said, there is one guy who you can guarantee is getting a kick out of the entire situation. And that man is Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan.

Seeing that the former Jets headman has quarterback problems of his own, you can see why it would be a relief to have Tom Brady out for four games — at the moment — and Smith out for 6-10 weeks. That leaves the Miami Dolphins with the only thing resembling a quarterback threat in his division. And if that is not enough, Buffalo’s signing of the newly released Enemkpali will have him on the field right in time for the Rex bowls in Week 10 and  Week 17. Which means two more chances for the linebacker to pop Smith in the mouth.

We all hate injuries, but you have to love the ones that add more fuel to a rivalry.

Source: MSN Sports

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