George Zimmerman shot at during traffic altercation, treated for minor injuries

The Florida man who shot at George Zimmerman said he ‘had to pull a gun’ on him, according to a newly-released 911 call following the incident.

In the tape, which emerged on Tuesday, a third man can be heard on the phone to a 911 dispatcher after Matthew Apperson approached him and told him he’s shot at Zimmerman.

‘A guy just said he had to pull a gun on a guy,’ the caller tells the dispatcher, who then asks him to repeat what he said.

‘He had to shoot at someone through his window so he wants the police to come,’ the man said. ‘He said it was George Zimmerman.’

The call was released as it emerged that police had seized Zimmerman’s handgun and two weapons from Apperson. Police are also executing a search warrant for Zimmerman’s SUV.

It comes after Apperson – who also had a run-in with Zimmerman last year – shot at the man while he was in his car in Lake Mary shortly before 1pm on Monday.

The bullet missed Zimmerman but the windshield of his truck was shattered and he suffered cuts to the face from the glass, his attorney said. He was treated for minor injuries in hospital.

On Monday evening, Apperson’s lawyer said his client was acting in self-defense after Zimmerman pulled out a weapon first – an allegation Zimmerman’s lawyer has denied.

Both men have spoken with police and no charges have been brought, but police said they are still investigating.

The violent run-in comes eight months after Apperson told police Zimmerman had threatened him with a gun during a road rage incident.

‘It’s not been an ongoing feud on behalf of Mr. Apperson,’ his attorney, Mark NeJame told reporters. ‘By all indications, Mr. Apperson has not had any ongoing issues from his perspective.’

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