Get ’Em While They’re Young: Study Shows Cops Take Black Lives Earlier, More Often Than Whites

Michael Harriot | The Root

A newly released study doesn’t simply reinforce the overwhelmingly abundant proof that police officers kill blacks at twice the rates of their white counterparts. The study reveals that African Americans who suffer the ultimate effect of violence lose more years of life than whites on average, and that while there are almost five times as many white people in America, more black kidslose their lives at the hands of police before they finish their teenage years than the total number of whites.

Published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Medical Health, “Years of Life Lost Due to Encounters With Law Enforcement in the USA” is a scientific study completed by epidemiologists and medical experts at the Harvard Medical School, UCLA School of Medicine and the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health, all of which are institutions collectively referred to as “big brain schools.”

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