Girl tried to hire her own aunt in murder-for-hire plot

A 19-year-old Alabama woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire her own aunt posing online as a man to kill her family and even their dog.

Marissa Williams was charged Monday with solicitation of murder. She was being held in the Tuscaloosa County jail on $30,000 bond.

Williams’ aunt told authorities she created a Facebook profile for a fictional man, Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis, to connect with her niece and chat with her after their relationship became strained.

Williams moved in with her aunt and her family in April, but the two women were not on good terms.

The aunt became angry with Ms Williams for constantly talking to strangers online and inviting them over to her home, where the woman lived with her fiance and son.

In retaliation, the niece blocked her aunt on Facebook.

In order to keep tabs on her niece’s online activities, and also to teach her a lesson about the pitfalls of talking to strangers, the aunt came up with the character of ‘Topdog’ Ellis.

Court records obtained by state that Ms Williams began chatting with the fictional man and confided in him that she was angry with her relatives.

As the two continued exchanging messages online, Williams’ alleged murder-for-hire plot became ever more elaborate and brutal.

Documents indicate that the teenager instructed her aunt pretending to be a young man to enter the woman’s bedroom and kill her and her fiance.

Ms Williams also allegedly asked ‘Topdog’ to gun down her cousin and the family dog while she was busy loading her belongings into the getaway car.

Williams’ concerned aunt eventually contacted authorities for help.

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