Greg Hardy to ‘leave’ Panthers after conviction, still gets paid salary

Carolina Panthers star Greg Hardy will be leaving the team as a result of a domestic abuse incident he was involved in this past May.

‘The Panthers have announced that DE Greg Hardy will take a voluntary leave of absence,’ the team said in a statement earlier today.

This comes two months after Hardy, 25, was convicted by a judge in Charlotte, North Carolina of beating, strangling and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Holder.

Despite all of this, he will still collect his salary for the year which, according to NBC Sports, is roughly $770,000 a week.
‘I understand that I need to step away from football right now and take care of this legal matter,’ Hardy said in a statement.

‘I am entitled to due process and my day in court, and that’s where my focus should be.’

The Panthers had originally agreed to wait to take action until Hardy had a jury trial regarding the incident in May. His previous conviction was the result of a bench trial.

Miss Holder told police that Hardy choked her, slammed her against a bathtub, threw her to the floor and threatened to kill her after a fight at his Charlotte condo.

This all comes as the league is under heavy scrutiny in the wake of two abuse scandals involving stars Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Many are upset with the punishments these two received, feeling the NFL was too lenient.

Video of Rice punching then-fiancée Janay Palmer went public last Monday, and Peterson was indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child on Friday for an incident in which he hit his son with a switch back in May.

Rice has been indefinitely suspended from the NFL and had his contract terminated by the Baltimore Ravens, while Peterson, who was sidelined by the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, has now been suspended by the team.

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