Grieving mom mourns loss of her 19-year-old daughter shot dead in Arkinsas

A grieving mom has told of her heartbreak over the death of her 19-year-old daughter who was shot and killed on Saturday over a dispute.

19, Adline King, btbArdina King told MyFoxMemphis that her daughter, Adline King, 19, was dropping off a friend on Anderson Street in northeastern Arkansas when an argument broke out around 11 p.m.

King said: ‘She said ‘hello’ to her friend and the ex-girlfriend was angry at that and pursued after my daughter. So she had to protect herself. She died over a simple hello.

‘She was leaving the scene and the guy just shot her down like she was a rag doll.’

According to police, Adline King was killed and 11 people suffered minor injuries in the shooting at a home in northeastern Arkansas, on the city’s west side.

Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson said that the shooting was believed to be the result of a feud involving the dead woman.

But he offered no other details about the incident, including how many people are believed to have fired shots.

Four people with gunshot wounds were treated and released at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, about 65 miles south of Blytheville.

According to police, six had unspecified injuries and were treated and released at a Blytheville hospital, and one was taken to a Jonesboro hospital in stable condition with unspecified injuries.

The following from Blytheville were transported with gunshot wounds to Region One, in Memphis, Tennessee: Darrin Woodard, 31, Alicia Williams, 20, Lloyd Williams, 39, and Delushun Greene, 34.

Meanwhile the following people from Blytheville were treated for minor injuries at the Great River Medical Center Candace Jackson, 25, Christopher Gunn, 31, Katresa Parker, 39, Anisha Haley, 25, and two male juveniles.

Miracle King, 19, of Blytheville was also transported to St. Bernard’s, Jonesboro, in stable condition. No updates on her condition are available at this time.

Adline’s distraught mom, Ardina King, tearfully told MyFoxMemphis: ‘I had 14 children. Now I have just 13. And one is gone because she said hello.’

‘She was a good girl. And she died for nothing,’ she explained.

Authorities said that a fight broke out as about 200 friends and relatives of the injured arrived at the Blytheville hospital.

Thomson said: ‘The scene at the hospital was chaotic and emotional. Additional Blytheville police officers were called to duty as well as support from deputies from the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department and a trooper from the Arkansas State Police.’

Police said no one is in custody for the shooting, and prosecutor Scott Ellington called on the community to come forward with information about possible suspects.

‘We need to know who committed this murder,’ Ellington said.

Source: The DailyMail

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