Half of the U.S. Adult Population Is Making This Critical Mistake

Maurie Backman | The Motley Fool

Having a good credit score isn’t just a matter of pride; it’s a matter of saving money and having borrowing options. The higher that number, the greater your chances of not only getting approved for a loan, but snagging the most favorable rates out there. But if there’s one mistake that might prevent you from attaining a stellar score, it’s ignoring your credit report and not keeping tabs on that number. And unfortunately, a good 50% of Americans are doing just that.

According to data from CreditCards.com, half of U.S. adults have not checked their credit report or score within the past six months. And while that’s problematic in general, it’s especially troubling in light of the major Equifax (NYSE:EFX) data breach that occurred in September 2017.

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