Hater’s Free-Agency Guide: Why Your NBA Team Ain’t Getting Its Top Target

GRANT HUGHES | Bleacher Report

Your favorite NBA team is going to break your heart this summer.

It will set its sights on a perfect gap-filling free agent, pursue him and then fail to close the deal.

Don’t dwell on the negativity. Don’t react emotionally. Instead, think of this as a service. A dream-deadening stomp-out of your expectations that’ll either prepare you for the worst or allow for jubilation on the off chance your team actually does get its man.

Life (and NBA free agency) advice: You cannot be disappointed if your hopes are always low.

B/R’s Dan Favale already listed the best players each team could reasonably hope to sign this summer. That’ll serve as our source for top targets…none of which, again, your team is going to get.

Prepare for excessive negativity.

Full article at Bleacher Report

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