Healthy foods that give you glowing skin

While you may shell out your hard-earned cash for the stuff, the right face wash and moisturizer can only do so much to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

In fact, despite what ads and commercials may tell you, the real key to a healthy complexion doesn’t come from a bottle, it starts with what’s on your plate. Sure genetics and lifestyle habits (like smoking and tanning) can influence how your skin looks too, but fighting back against your complexion woes on all possible fronts will only help the cause.

So whether you need to fight back against acne, ward off premature aging, reduce the appearance wrinkles or fight back against another pesky skin condition, the right diet can be a valuable aid. Eat these foods to nourish your skin and get that healthy glow you’re after.


Think of carrots as orange wonder wands—good for the eyeballs and good for clearing up breakouts. No magic here, though, just plenty of vitamin A, which prevents overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. That means fewer dead cells to combine with sebum and clog pores. Plus, vitamin A reduces the development of skin-cancer cells.


These little seeds offer a payload of omega-3 fatty acids, which erase spots and iron out fine lines. The British Journal of Nutrition reported that participants in one study who downed about half a teaspoon of o-3s in 6 weeks experienced significantly less irritation and redness, along with better-hydrated skin. Beyond flax, salmon is an omega king.

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