How Joe Biden’s advice from 1994 helped boy beat stutter and become a lawyer

A piece of advice Joe Biden gave to a teenage boy helped him beat his stutter, get to law school and become a public prosecutor, it has been revealed.

Branden ‘Skip’ Brooks, 35, met the Vice President back in 1994, who later sent him a moving letter which helped inspire him to reach his career goals.

After overcoming an aversion to public speaking and heading to law school, Brooks managed to get a legal job in his native Delaware – and was sworn in to the position by Beau Biden, then the state’s Attorney General.

At the swearing-in ceremony, in 2008, the two reminisced about how the elder Biden helped Brooks push on with his dreams. The encounter has taken on a poignant tone since Beau’s death in May from brain cancer.

Brooks told about the original meeting with Biden, when he was an eighth-grader on a class trip to the U.S. Capitol.

He said that after looking around the monument, his group was invited to a Q&A with Biden – who was then one of Delaware’s U.S. senators.

During the exchange, when Brooks asked a question, Biden noticed he had a stutter – and later revealed to him that he used to have one as well.

He said Biden told him that he beat his own stutter by ‘putting myself in positions where I had to talk in public’ – such as taking roles in school plays and debates.

He said he added that he shouldn’t worry about stuttering because ‘people will wait to hear what you have to say’.

Brooks said he thought that was the end of the exchange – but around a week later a letter from Senator Biden showed up at his house.

It said: ‘Remember what I told you about stuttering. You can beat it just like I did.

‘When you do, you will be a stronger man for having won.’

Brooks said he took the advice to heart and ran for class president in high school, which meant a lot of public speaking.

From there he went to Boston College to study law, and eventually ended up working as a prosecutor during Beau’s tenure as Attorney General.

When the story emerged this week, Biden himself took notice. After Brooks posted an image of his letter on Twitter, the Vice President wrote: ‘And it’s still true today, my friend. Treat everyone with respect and you will be respected yourself’.

He also reposted an image of Brooks and Beau together, which Brooks had shared earlier.

Brooks says the letter itself is kept safe at his parents’ home with a book of other memorabilia.

Although his tenure as a prosecutor only lasted until 2009, Brooks has kept public speaking as part of his life and now works for a legal services company in St Louis, Missouri.

According to Brooks, the story about how two members of the Biden family touched his life is nothing exception in tight-knit Delaware, a state of less than 1million people.

‘In Delaware, everybody has a Joe Biden story,’ he said.

Source: The DailyMail

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