How Portland fell in love with Damian Lillard in the age of NBA super teams

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two

By Paul Flannery | SBNation

Everybody has a Damian Lillard story.

Last summer when an end-of-the-bench player named Tim Quarterman was traded to the Houston Rockets for cash considerations, the Blazers sent out a tweet welcoming a bag of money to Rip City. It was hilarious and fun, but one person wasn’t amused.

Within minutes, Lillard sent a text to Chris McGowan, the team’s president and CEO, telling him he didn’t like the tweet. When McGowan asked why, Dame said that while he understood the intent, the issue was that Quarterman’s life had just been uprooted.

“He came at it from a real personal level,” McGowan says. “That’s the level of detail that you get from him. It was protection. That’s the epitome of him.”

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