Humble black cop photographed helping man in swastika shirt at KKK rally


The black police chief photographed helping a man who was wearing a swastika shirt at a South Carolina rally on Saturday has given a new interview about that day.

Leroy Helping KKK, btbLeroy Smith, the director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, said of assisting the man who was suffering from heatstroke; ‘I saw a man who needed some help, and I was going to help him.’

He then said added that he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to the photograph, and brushed aside compliments, saying; ‘I can’t overstate how proud I am of law enforcement officers who put their lives in peril to maintain order.’

As for what it felt like on that day, Smith said; ‘You could feel the tension in the air as the crowd started to swell.’

He previously said in a statement earlier in the week; ‘I believe this photo captures who we are in South Carolina and represents what law enforcement is all about.’

He then added; ‘I am proud to serve this great State, and I hope this photo will be a catalyst for people to work to overcome some of the hatred and violence we have seen in our country in recent weeks.’

Smith’s ability to show compassion to the man draped in clothes bearing the insignia of racist intolerance has gone viral and been retweeted thousands of times since it was shared on Twitter by Rib Godfrey, a spokesman for Governor Nikki Haley.

Godfrey wrote; ‘Not an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down.’

Meanwhile, in direct contrast, a Ku Klux Klan supporter was caught on camera taunting members of the black crowd with racially inflammatory gorilla chants.

The disturbing video showed a white man with a shaved head making ape noises, and grunting like a gorilla to a black crowd.

He then screamed: ‘You drag your knuckles [like an ape]’ as he walked away.

It came amid the highly-charged rally which saw white supremacists come out in force on Saturday afternoon to condemn the governor’s decision to remove the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse because, they argued, ‘it’s not linked to racial hatred.’

Countering the demonstration, around 400 people with links to the New Black Panther Party marched in the name of racial equality – calling on politicians to do more than simply bring down a flag.

Angry clashes erupted between members of the Ku Klux Klan and the New Black Panther Party. 

And in the same video, a white man in a light blue top threatens the black people in attendance by saying ‘I’ll hang your black *ss,’ while another angry white supremacist shouts at the crowd: ‘You come here and I’ll knock you on your black *ss muthaf*ker.’

Meanwhile, a man holding the Confederate flag told another African American that they were ‘the color of excrement,’ Raw Story reports.

During the rally, Confederate flags were stolen and ripped up to cheers and applause from the New Black Panther demonstrators – while KKK members stood on the steps of the capitol performing Nazi salutes.

Although leaders insisted they would steer clear of one another, disputes were soon breaking out between off-shoots.

The South Carolina department of public safety estimated about 2,000 people attended the rally.

Governor Haley had warned residents to avoid it at all cost.

The Klan rally was scheduled from 3pm to 5pm on the south side of the statehouse grounds, while on the north side, the Black Educators For Justice were scheduled from 12pm to 4pm.

One police officer was seen holding a white man in a Confederate flag to the ground screaming for assistance. Other officers were seen in tactical gear in case the protests boiled over.

According to the Charleston Post-Courier, there were three fights that police were forced to break up.

It is the latest clash in Columbia, SC, following the racist shooting of nine black churchgoers at the hands of 21-year-old pro-Confederacy Dylann Roof last month.

The attack prompted nationwide calls for leaders to condemn the Confederate flag as a symbol of racial hatred. One hundred and fifty years old, it was used by the seven southern slave states during the civil war. Its racist associations were refreshed during the civil rights movement, when anti-integration state flew the Confederate flag in defiance.

Many of the southern states, where the flag remains prominent, agreed and moved the flag to a museum – notably including South Carolina.

But hitting back, around 300 Ku Klux Klan members applied for a rally permit to swarm the Capitol grounds on Saturday afternoon.

‘They cannot punish everyone for what one man did,’ Amanda Barker, Imperial Officer of Loyal White Knights, told NBC News.

An automated message on the Loyal White Knights’s answering machine said: ‘We will be at the statehouse in Columbia, S.C., standing up for our Confederate history and all the southerners who fought and died against federal tyranny.

‘Our government is trying to erase white culture and our heritage right out of the pages of history books.’

Source: The DailyMail

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