‘If they had listened to me Walter Scott might not be dead’ – man filed previous complaint against Slager

A man who filed a complaint of excessive force against cop Michael Slager two years ago suggested on Thursday that Walter Scott may be alive if the cop had been kicked off the force.

Mario Givens, of North Charleston, South Carolina, spoke publicly on Thursday alongside his attorney as he announced he would be taking legal action.

Givens said Officer Slager burst into his home and then Tasered him in the stomach, even though he was not resisting in September 2013.

He said he suffered long-term physical damage from Slager using a Taser on him, ABC4 reported. However Givens said after watching the video of unarmed black man Walter Scott being gunned down, he was glad his mother had been home during his incident with Slager.

Givens also suggested that if police had listened to him, Scott, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and father-of-four, may still be alive.

‘It’s shocking that they didn’t do anything about it and a man ended up dead,’ he said at the press conference.

Questions over the conduct of the North Charleston police department were growing on Thursday, and in particular how Officer Slager was able to escape scrutiny from his colleagues after he fatally shot Scott in the back as he fled last Saturday following a traffic stop.

On Wednesday local authorities refused to say whether other police officers will be charged over the shooting of Scott. Seven other officers were at the scene immediately after the shooting.

Now Givens has come forward to recount how he was awakened before dawn one morning in September 2013 by loud banging on the front door of his family’s North Charleston home.

On his front porch was Patrolman Michael Thomas Slager.

Givens, who is also black, said he cracked open his door and asked the officer what he wanted. At the time, Givens was clad only in a T-shirt and boxer shorts, he recalled.

‘He said he wanted to come in, but didn’t say why,’ said Givens, now 33. ‘He never said who he was looking for.’

Then, without warning, Slager pushed in the door, he said.

”Come outside or I’ll tase you,” he recalled the officer saying as he burst in.

‘I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I raised my arms over my head, and when I did, he tased me in my stomach anyway.’

He said the pain from the stun gun was so intense that he dropped to the floor and began calling for his mother, who was in the home.

At that point, he said another police officer came into the house and they dragged him outside and threw him to the ground.

He was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car.

Though initially accused of resisting the officers, Givens was later released without charge.

The real suspect in the burglary case was Givens own brother.

Givens then filed a complaint with the police but never heard whether Slager had been punished, he claimed.

When he went to the police precinct to follow up on his complaint, he was told that the cop had been exonerated.

‘I was upset, it took a real long time to investigate it… then they said he did no wrong,’ Givens said on Thursday.

During the September 2013 incident, it turned out that the police officers had gone to the family’s home at the behest of his brother’s ex-girlfriend, who earlier reported awakening in her nearby house to find Matthew Givens in her bedroom, uninvited.

She said he left when she began screaming, and she dialed 911.

That woman, Maleah Kiara Brown, said on Wednesday that she and a friend had followed the police officers over to the Givens home and were sitting outside as Slager knocked on the door. The second officer had gone around to the back of the house.

She had provided the officers with a detailed description of Matthew Givens, who is about 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Mario Givens stands well over 6 feet.

‘He looked nothing like the description I gave the officers,’ Brown said, referring to Mario Givens.

‘He asked the officer why he was at the house. He did it nicely. The police officer said he wanted him to step outside. Then he asked, ”Why, why do you want me to step outside?” Then the officer barged inside and grabbed him.’

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