‘I’m going to be booked as a John’: Warren Sapp cackles, cries and confesses


Warren Sapp made many highlight-reel plays during the course of his Hall of Fame career, but the former NFL star might be better remembered for his off-field exploits thanks to a new video.

Sapp was arrested the night after the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona, on a prostitution charge after an alleged incident involving two women.

In a police video released on Monday, Sapp, 42, cries, cackles and confesses about what exactly went down back on February 2 in the Renaissance Hotel.

In the video obtained by TMZ, Sapp admits he paid for oral sex and that ‘everyone got naked’ after he ‘put $600 on the table’ in his hotel room.

The two women who were arrested along with Sapp were Britney Osbourne, 23, and 34-year-old Quying Boyd.

Sapp continued: ‘We’re in the bed and I start taking pictures of the two ladies naked and doing what they’re doing.

‘So I’m taking pictures because I’m silly like that sometimes.’

He told police one of them began performing oral sex on him – they stayed safe and used a condom – but the other annoyed him by chatting.

When it became too much, Sapp told her: ‘Why don’t you use your mouth on me, instead of using it.

‘Just go. Just move. Your girl’s doing a good job. I’ll be done with her in a minute.’

After Sapp asked to have sex, the woman who was performing oral sex asked for a tip.

That request apparently prompted an argument and the first video of the interview ended.

In the second clip, Sapp is informed he will be going to jail and then left alone in the room.

He began repeating, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God’ before asking: ‘Are you kidding me?’

In between cackles and sobs, Sapp added: ‘I’m going to be booked as a John.

‘I gotta go to jail?’

Police became involved after a female contacted them and said she had been assaulted.

Both women had minor injuries that were consistent with a struggle, but Sapp denied he assaulted them.

Sapp was fired from his job at the NFL network and could get six months in jail and three years probation if he is convicted.

He was charged with soliciting prostitution and two counts of assault.

Osbourne is facing a prostitution charge of her own while Boyd was cited for failure to register with the state as an escort.

They have both denied the charges.

Sapp played 13 seasons in the NFL, first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and later with the Oakland Raiders.

He was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2013 – his first year of eligibility.

In recent years, Sapp, a divorced father of two, has been struggling with financial problems, which culminated in 2012 when he filed for bankruptcy.

In November of that year, the Super Bowl champion was forced to sell his home in Florida for $2.1million.

Months earlier, Sapp auctioned off a 240-pair collection of rare Air Jordan sneakers worth $6,500 to pay his creditors.

Sapp has yet to comment on the video.

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