Interactive graphic reveals minute-by-minute effects sugar has on your health

High glucose levels can cause the the blood vessels to contract and eventually harden the arteriesBy MARY KEKATOS FOR DAILYMAIL.COM

Eating too much sugar is known to cause health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

But did you known it’s also been linked to brain inflammation and a leaky gut in the digestive system?

Amrita Nutrition has created an interactive graphic detailing the immediate, short-term and long-term effects the little white carbohydrate is having on your body.



Sugar interrupts the supply of important neurotransmitter precursors through the blood-brain barrier – and particularly ones that help produce serotonin and dopamine, which influence mood.

Too much sugar can increase the risk of anxiety and depression due to a mix of energy rushes after ingestion followed by subsequent sugar crashes.

The constant roller coaster of adrenaline surges can severely impact the function of the central nervous system.

Chronic high blood sugar levels have been linked to brain inflammation and potentially a cause of depression.


When you eat sugar, harmful bacteria within the mouth can feed off the sugars you eat and multiply.

Frequent exposure can lead to gum disease or halitosis and over time can lead to enamel decay.

Further repeated exposure to acid from sugar can destroyed tooth enamel and cause cavities to form. The form of permanent damage can only be repaired with a filling.


Studies have shown a correlation between skin aging and high blood sugar levels.

Excess sugar is thought to attach itself to the collagen, or structural skin proteins, causing advanced glycation (the process of digested sugar attaching itself to the collagen).

Right away, the sugary foods can cause an eruption of inflammation within the body and eventually lead to skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

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