Is Brent Grimes’ wife ruining his career? ‘Star cut because of her Twitter attack on players’

The Miami Dolphins cut Brent Grimes on Monday after three seasons with the team.

The cornerback had an solid run with the Dolphins, putting up strong numbers his first two seasons and pulling off the impressive feat of being selected to the Pro Bowl all three years he was in Miami.

Grimes will turn 33 in July though and was set to make as much as $8million next year, so the Dolphins decision to cut an aging and possibly overpaid player made sense to fans, especially after the team acquired Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell on Wednesday.

Those were not, however, the only major reasons the team decided to cut Grimes as they also wanted to get rid of the person closest to the football player – his wife Miko.

Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero reported that many in the Dolphins organization had grown sick of Miko’s Twitter attacks of the team’s coaches and her husband’s teammates.

And the Dolphins are not alone in their distaste for Miko and her social media ways it seems, with three NFL general managers saying on Thursday they would not sign Grimes because of her behavior.

Grimes is now three days into free agency and has yet to be picked up by a team.

Attack: Miko went after the quarterback for the Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill, in December
Timing: Her Twitter rant came at a time when her husband was already struggling and facing the possibility of being cut or traded to another team 
More shade: Miko also went after the coaches in her December rant, which came after a loss to the Colts

‘Grimes, unassuming and uncontroversial, was a nightmare for the Dolphins the past couple of years because his wife Miko Grimes was so out of control not even her husband could manage her,’ wrote Salguero in a column over the weekend. 

‘Mrs. Grimes, notorious for her activity on social media, last season caused a commotion within the Dolphins locker room after she took to Twitter to say players did not believe in quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

‘She called Tannehill a loser. She tweeted things that supposedly happened during practice — such as Tannehill failing to connect on any two-minute drill passes – even when interim coach Dan Campbell said the club had not even practiced two minute drills throws that week.’

Miko took to Twitter after seeing Salguero’s article, writing; ‘the fat b**** armando thinks he’s safe from bullets bc we might be released is the funniest part of this whole thing.’

She followed that up with; ‘grown men that have never had twitter are making pages to disrespect another man’s girl and IM CLASSLESS? nah, im poppin!!!’

Bleacher Report meanwhile broke the news about the three NFL managers refusing to sign Grimes.

Miko has never been afraid to speak her mind, and as a result was a polarizing figure for many Miami fans during her husband’s three years with the team.

Most agreed however that she took things too far this past December when she began attacking quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Twitter.

After a Dolphins loss to the Indianapolis Colts on December 27, Miko wrote on her account; ‘I knew this qb stunk the minute we signed to this team but I tried to keep quiet so I didn’t discourage bae from believing in his team.’

She did not stop there either, writing; “How many people does ryan tannehill have to get fired before you realize he’s the problem.

‘Yall do realize no legitimate coach will come here if he’s our qb, right? we’re screwed as long as he’s under center! just admit it!’

Miko then criticized the team’s coaches, writing; ‘I should’ve known we were gonna lose when I heard we didn’t complete A SINGLE PASS in 2min drills this week against the practice squad defense.’

Her husband managed to downplay the comments soon after, telling reporters; ‘Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Certainly my wife sometimes thinks different than I do. She has that right.’

There were already doubts about Grimes being brought back by the Dolphins before Miko’s Twitter rant, with the cornerback putting up less than impressive numbers all season.

The comments also had the potential to create a rift between Grimes and Tannehill.

Miko’s Twitter account was private at that time she made these comments in December, but she later made it public. On Thursday afternoon she switched it back to private once again.

Miko’s antics did not just occur online either, as she was also arrested this past September at Sun Life Stadium during a Dolphins game. The entire incident was caught on film.

Authorities said Miko pushed her way through a police blockade, screamed obscenities at police officers and headbutted a cop after she was handcuffed.

Miko was charged with disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence. The charges were ultimately dropped.

No more: On Thursday Miko set her Twitter back to private after having made it public

The day after her arrest the Sun-Sentinel visited Miko at her home and listened in as she responded to calls from reporters.

When one reporter asked Miko how she was doing, she told them; “None of your f****** business. Don’t call my phone again.’

Miko, 40, married Grimes in 2010 after meeting while she was doing sideline reporting at an Atlanta Falcons game for a local radio station.

The couple has a four-year-old son Aiden.

And while Grimes is trying to figure out where he will play next, his wife is also hoping to land a job.

In an autobiographical post she put up when she launched her blog, Miko closed by saying; ‘I’m knowledgeable about sports, easy on the eyes, and I just so happened to be married to the best corner back in the NFL!

‘Somebody needs to give me a damn job!!! Pray for me! Thanks!’

Source: The DailyMail

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