Is Steph Curry already one of the 25 best players in NBA history?

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) celebrates in front of Cleveland Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov (20) on Christmas in Oakland, CA. The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 89-83.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is arguably the best basketball player in the world. He’s the best shooter ever and a diabolical offensive weapon that’s never before been seen on an NBA floor.

But at 27 years old, with “only” one championship and one MVP to his name, is he already one of the 25 best players in NBA history? One ranking of the league’s all-time top 100 players says yes, and has him at 23 (via ESPN).

Comparing players who thrived in different eras has always been a fruitless yet fun exercise, and this particular list might contain a decent amount of recency bias—even if it values peak performance as much as total career value.

Curry is true greatness. He needs zero more minutes to qualify for the Basketball Hall of Fame.

But is he really better than Isiah Thomas? Have we all forgotten just how great Chris Paul was in his prime? Or how much money has been earned by Phoenix Suns who’re fortunate enough to play with Steve Nash?

All these questions spark fun debates. But if Curry can stay healthy for just a few more years, there’s really no arguing his place in the top 10.

Source: MSN Sports

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