Jameis Winston tried to spin the story behind his suspension, and it completely backfired

By Cork Gaines, Business Insider

On Thursday, the NFL announced that it had suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston three games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. But what is peculiar, interesting, and telling is what happened between the time of the alleged incident and the announcement of what critics deemed a light punishment.

Jameis Winston

The length of the suspension angered many fans as well as people in and around the NFL because it was half the length of the minimum six-game suspension mandated by the personal conduct policy, and it was shorter than the suspension Tom Brady got for Deflategate.

But mostly, the suspension felt like a weak slap on the wrist for a person with a history of legal issues — including a previous accusation of raping a fellow student at Florida State. It also felt like a slap to the face of those who had been willing to give Winston a clean slate and a chance to show he had matured once he entered the NFL.

While Winston got off light with his suspension, it turned out that the three-game suspension was part of a negotiated settlement between Winston and the league. And there is substantial evidence that his camp attempted to spin the story into something much more benign than the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

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