Judges brutal truth about prison leaves youth in tears as she wields body bag

Judge Colvin even reflects on her own experience as a single mother, describing how she encouraged her son to stay on the straight and narrowA judge has been teaching children and young adults the potential consequences of breaking the law by showing them what it is really like in prison.

As part of the ‘Consider the Consequences’ program at Bibb County, Georgia, Judge Verda Colvin’s brutally honest speech left some of the attendees crying in fear.

The group, aged 9 to 17, were invited to put on prisoner uniforms and to have a look in the cells to get a feel for the implications of serving time, according to Lawnewz.com.

After showing the group around the prison cell, Judge Colvin puts the dangers of incarceration into perspective, discussing the threat of violence and rape.

‘Somebody raping you in the middle of the night, and there’s nothing you can do but just lay there because guess what, everybody got to get their turn.’

At one point, she produced a body bag, bluntly telling the terrified audience that the life of gangs and crime can have fatal consequences.

‘The only way someone will know you are in here is by this tag with your name on it,’ she says as she shows the large white bag to group in the courtroom.

Standing in front of the young people she says: ‘The fact you’re shedding tears means you want to be better and do better. Do it.

‘The only person stopping you, is you.’

She adds: ‘Stop acting like trash and putting pictures of yourself on the internet.’

Brutally honest: Judge Colvin opened her speech by showing the group an actual bodybag

Judge Colvin even reflects on her own experience as a single mother, describing how she encouraged her son to stay on the straight and narrow.

‘I am sick and tired of seeing people who look like you and I [black] come in my courtroom, and I have to sentence them to prison.’

‘And then you hear them fussing on TV about African Americans being in the prison system. Well, guess what, if you don’t do what it takes to there, you won’t be a part of it,’ she says.

‘You already know the game. If you know they [the police] come into your community more than they do in other communities, then guess what, you’ve got a heads up. So that means you’ve got to do what’s right, right?’

Despite her often frightening honesty, Judge Colvin also shows her admiration and hope for young people growing up across the country.

‘You are special, and you are uniquely made, and nobody else can do what you’re supposed to do in this world. Nobody else. And if you don’t do it, we won’t have it.’

The Consider the Consequences’ program is an intervention for young people – the classes are held once a month and parents can enroll their children.

Lieutenant Ellis Sinclair told 3WMAZ that ‘property damage, stealing cars and smoking marijuana’ are some of the incidents which have led the participants to be enrolled on the program.

He said the program is designed to ‘try to get them to understand that the road that they’re on right now is not the road that they want to be on that the things that they’re doing can either cause them to either be in jail or wind up being in somebody’s cemetery.’

While Judge Colvin gave her stinging speech, the children’s parents were encouraged to come to classes on disciplinary techniques for their children.

Following the event, each young attendee was asked to write an essay, explaining what they had learnt from the experience.

They were also encouraged to write an apology letter to their family, designed to amend for any past misdemeanors.

Source: The DailyMail

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