Kawhi Leonard ruined DeMar DeRozan’s summer

By Tom Ziller | SBNation

The Spurs traded Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan (very) early on Wednesday, ending one of the NBA’s last big summer dramas and creating another. Kawhi didn’t have Toronto on his target list, but one suspects he’ll like it just fine, with the caveat that we know little about new coach Nick Nurse’s pro style. DeRozan, meanwhile, was absolutely heated about what he seems to feel is shabby treatment by the Raptors, who had apparently recently told him he wouldn’t be traded this summer.

It’s now cliché to point out that because players have no expectation of loyalty from teams that teams should have no expectation of loyalty from players. But it’s true! The Spurs were mighty sore over Kawhi’s trade request — the team’s treatment of him in its press release announcing the trade was so petty — and DeRozan is mighty sore over the Raptors’ late reversal. Everyone should be mad! Trade requests, free agency exits, and trades themselves are incredibly disruptive! Other than injury, it’s the biggest downside in high-level pro sports.

Anyways, Seerat Sohi wrote about the Raptors betting on their culture in trading for Kawhi. I wrote that Toronto is risking everything and nothing. Bruce Arthur also wrote about Toronto’s bet. Eric Koreen on loyalty and DeMar. Conor McCreery wonders how long the Raptors will have Kawhi. Kristian Winfield has 11 winners and losers from the trade. Zach Lowe breaks down the whole deal from all angles. Michael C. Wright wrote about the Spurs’ strangely uncertain future. The major salary cap ramifications of the trade for the Raptors. Dan Devine on the prospect of Kawhi sitting out the season.

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