Kentucky mom shot, killed on Mother’s Day in front of 8-year-old son

A Kentucky mother was shot and killed in front of her eight-year-old son as they stood outside their apartment.

Police and family members say Angelina Pressley, 27, was on her way home from a Derby party in Louisville, when a man walked across a parking lot and approached her and fired several shots before running off.

Her little boy was alongside her at the time of the shooting as he prepared to give his mommy a Mother’s Day gift.

Pressley died later in hospital at around 3am.

After the gunshots had been fired, a neighbor ran down to comforted the little boy who witnessed the entire deadly assault.

‘I was like, “You just got to breathe”,’ neighbor Brandy Gregory told WLKY.

‘There’s a good chance Jesus is not ready for Mommy. Mommy will be back.’

Pressley was pronounced dead before she could be taken to the hospital, with her son by her side

Louisville Metro Police Detective Todd Kessinger told reporters that the youngster made some heartbreaking comments when he spoke to cops.

‘He said that his favorite thing in the world to do was to spend time with his mother, and he was exceptionally excited that night because he had bought her a necklace that he planned to give her on Mother’s Day.’

‘Unfortunately, somebody came and shot her right in front of him and he never had the opportunity to give her that necklace.

‘We made every effort to reach every person that was there, that could have witnessed the incident, but today we’re asking that if there’s somebody that has information that we didn’t speak to or if there’s somebody that knows something to go ahead and reach out to us and call us.’

The boy is now in the care of other family members.

Police have made no arrests and named no suspects, and the motive for the Mother’s Day murder is unknown.

Source: The DailyMail

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