‘Kids growing to be monsters’ father’s excuse for murdering ex-girlfriend, her husband, & 6 children

A Texas man charged with the execution-style killings of eight people has given a jailhouse interview detailing how he planned and allegedly came to shoot his victims, including his ex-girlfriend and son.

David Ray Conley III, 48, is charged with three counts of capital murder following the mass-shooting in the Houston-area Harris County home on Saturday night.

During a series of interviews from jail, Conley cried as he explained how he had become ‘fed up’ with Valerie Jackson, who he had an on-off relationship with over the course of 14 years, as well as their son, Nathaniel, 13, and her children, who he helped raise.

Conley had recently moved out of the house where the killings occurred, and Valerie’s ex-husband, Dwayne Jackson – one of the victims and the father of the other five children – had moved back in.

According to ABC 7, Conley told investigators that he planned to kill all eight people, and bought a 9mm handgun online, as well as three clips of ammunition, and six handcuffs.

At 10.30am on Saturday, he parked down the street from the house so he wouldn’t be seen.

Valerie Jackson had recently changed the locks on the house, so he got in by breaking a window.

Conley told investigators that he gathered all the victims in the master bedroom.

Some were tied up and others handcuffed to the bed.

He then proceed to shoot all of them, starting with Dwayne Jackson, and then the six children, over the course of the day.

Valerie Jackson was handcuffed to the bed as her husband and her children were murdered in front of her.

Police were called to the house for at least three welfare checks starting from 10.50am, ABC 7 reported, but did not enter the house.

At 8pm, on the fourth welfare check, officers attempted to enter house, but Conley allegedly opened fire.

After a one-hour stand-off, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office High Risk Operations Unit and Hostage Negotiation Team negotiated his surrender.

Conley did not address what happened in the house during his interviews this week, but gave background about what was happening in his life and the frustration he felt toward Valerie Jackson and the children.

KHOU reported that he repeatedly said: ‘I’m only human.’

He also admitted that he was in shock when he found out Dwayne Jackson had moved back into the house.

Conley said his 13-year-old son was disrespectful.

He then said, chillingly: ‘Thou shall honor your mother and father or your days are short.’

During another interview with ABC 13,  Conley said that he loved his son, but that he was troublesome.

‘Nate didn’t give me any respect because of what his mother was doing towards me. She ignored me.’

Conley then continued the bible verse he previously in the other interview.

‘I understand, like you said, all these people are dead but Valerie wasn’t a Good Samaritan,’ Conley said.

‘They (she and Dwayne Jackson) did evil stuff all the time.’

‘I was doing my part as God asked me to do. God asked me to help them.

‘God says in the Bible thou shall not disrespect thy mother and thy father.

‘I’m highly spiritual. I’m not crazy. I’m not like that.’

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