Killer who tortured millionaire CEO & family spent $1,000 on cab fair from NY to DC

The ex-convict accused of murdering a CEO, his family and their housekeeper in Washington D.C. is said to have used $1,000 in stolen cash to flee a Brooklyn manhunt in a New York taxi.

Daron Wint allegedly tortured Savvas Savopoulos until he called his assistant to hand-deliver $40,000 ransom to the home, it has been claimed.

Wint is said to have used a portion of the ransom to pay the tolls from New York City to D.C. and give the cab driver a tip for helping him run from the cops, reports The New York Daily News.

According to Taxi Fare Finder a cab from New York to D.C. costs about $690 meaning the ex-con paid a $310 tip.

According to the affidavit, Daron Wint held Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Philip, and maid Veralicia Figueroa for 19 hours before killing them and setting the place alight.

Wint was an employee at Mr Savopoulos’ company American Iron Works.

He tied up each hostage at 6pm, ordered two Domino’s pizzas at 9.15pm, and at 9am the next day forced Mr Savopoulos to call his assistant, according to the affidavit.

The assistant was told to meet two other employees, who were to extract $40,000 cash from a Bank of America account.

The first employee went inside the branch, received four bundles of cash from a bank manager, and put them in their pockets. Outside, a second employee received the four bundles and placed them in a red striped bag. This employee then drove to Mr Savopoulos’ home on Embassy Row to meet the assistant, who placed the four bundles in a manila envelope and put it inside an unlocked red car in the garage.

Hours later, the multimillion-dollar mansion was ablaze and all four captives were dead.

The police investigation is now centered on the $40,000, which had been extracted from a Bank of America account by other America Iron Works employees.

Wint, 34, is accused of stabbing to death Mr and Mrs Savopoulos and Ms Figueroa, and leaving Philip to die in the fire.

According to DNA New York, Wint’s girlfriend, who name was not released, called police on Thursday to say he had been staying with her since the attack.

She claimed she knew nothing about the crime or that he was on the run until his name and picture began to circulate the media on Thursday morning. At that point, she said, he left to seek help from his brothers, who are based in D.C.

When she was questioned by detectives from both New York and Washington, she said she believed he would turn himself in.

He became the prime suspect after investigators found his DNA on pieces of pizza left behind at the crime scene.

Domino’s told police their delivery worker arrived at the property at 9.15pm with two pizzas – a whole cheese and a pepperoni.

The worker was instructed to leave the pizzas on the porch, ring the doorbell and leave.

The next day, after fire fighters were called to the burning home, detectives found the whole cheese pizza untouched, and about three quarters of the pepperoni pizza left half-eaten in the box.

It was by running tests on this pizza that detectives found Wint’s DNA and named him as the prime suspect.

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