LAPD admits man shot dead last month was not connected to carjacking as they claimed

The LAPD have admitted that an unarmed man shot dead by cops last month had not been connected to a carjacker who fired at police.

Donnell Thompson, 27, was fatally shot in Compton, Los Angeles, by police who said at the time say he matched the description of the carjacking suspect.

On Tuesday, his family broke down in tears as Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department finally acknowledged he’d had nothing to do with the earlier crime.

   Donnell Thompson, 27, was fatally shot in Compton, Los Angeles, by police who said at the time say he matched the description of the carjacking suspect

Police were responding to reports of a carjacker who crashed the stolen vehicle and fled into on July 28 when they encountered Thompson who was lying in a stranger’s front yard.

Sheriff’s homicide Capt. Steven Katz said deputies tried non-lethal force against Thompson, who was as lying with his left hand under his head near what police feared could be a gun.

The department’s Special Enforcement Bureau used a flash-bang device and shot two rubber bullets at the suspect who then got up and ran towards the police’s armored vehicle, cops claim.

At that point a deputy in the turret of the vehicle – fearing Thompson had a weapon – shot him dead..

Matrice Stanley, center, sister of Donnell Thompson, who was fatally shot by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies broke down in tears as police admitted he had nothing to do with an earlier carjacking

Thompson's family, pictured at Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, say police shot an innocent man as they demand justice for their brother

‘His concern was if he gets past me, then he’s in the community, can get into somebody’s house, then we have a barricaded suspect,’ Katz said of the deputy’s decision to fire.

The 27-year-old black man was later found to have been unarmed.

Police admit he may have been unconscious until he was fired upon by the rubber bullets.

Thompson’s family, who say Donnell has diminished mental faculties, now plan to file a federal civil rights claim against the county.

They told the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday deputies overreacted and shot an unarmed, innocent man, as they demanded those involved were held accountable.

‘I wouldn’t treat an animal this bad,’ his sister Matrice Stanley told the board. ‘How is this justifiable?’

Asked later by reporters if she thought race had played a role in the shooting, Stanley said, ‘I think it did. It’s always in the news. This is something that becomes common, which is really sad. Yes it is a factor.’

Sheriff's homicide Capt. Steven Katz said deputies tried non-lethal force against Thompson but he was later shot dead

She added that her brother posed no threat and was a kind-hearted and soft-spoken person.

Katz refused to call the shooting a mistake but admitted:’Knowing what we know now, do we wish it hadn’t happened?’ he said. ‘It speaks for itself.’

Fatal police shootings of black men have spawned anger and violence around the country, with protesters calling for an overhaul of policing tactics they believe unfairly target minorities in poor neighborhoods.

Katz said he understands why Thompson’s family is outraged and wants answers.

‘We share that need for those very same answers,’ he said. ‘It is our hope that we can instill confidence and reassurance in that effort, and the investigation will be thorough and it will be complete.’

Earlier, the Sheriff’s Department issued the statement saying, ‘there is no evidence that Mr. Thompson was in the carjacked vehicle, nor that he was involved in the assault on the deputies’ during the carjacking.’

Matrice Stanley, sister of Donnell Thompson, demanded to know from the board: 'How is this justifiable?'

Family members of Thompson, speak to reporters outside the County Hall of Administration

Stanley, 44, a registered nurse from Victorville, said she believes her brother didn’t respond to deputies because he was afraid and didn’t know what to do.

She also questioned why a deputy in an armored vehicle would need to use deadly force.

‘He can’t go through armored cars,’ she said, calling for the deputy to be fired.

Antoinette Brown, another sister of Thompson, demanded justice from the supervisors.

‘My little brother was innocent,’ Brown said. ‘It hurts me to my heart to just imagine how he was we wrongfully killed that night. I just don’t understand and I want answers.’

The deputy who fired at Thompson, a 20-year veteran, has been reassigned to duties not in the field. His name was not included in the statement.

The department said an administrative review of the case was continuing and when it’s completed will be turned over to the district attorney for review.

Source: The DailyMail

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