Lebron James apologizes for media circus, sends neighbors personalized cupcakes

LeBron James has sent cupcakes to his neighbors to apologize for the ruckus caused by the announcement of his homecoming earlier this month.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans and journalists arrived en masse to the NBA star’s Akron area home to await his July 11 decision on whether he would come back to northeast Ohio or stay with the Miami Heat.

The NBA star built the 30,000-square-foot home on the Bath Township property in 2003.

Upon James’ announcement, a commotion ensued, and police were called to direct traffic.

To make amends, the LeBron James Family Foundation sent a note of apology accompanied by a dozen cupcakes to neighbors on Tuesday, according to multiple media outlets.

The cupcakes were delivered by employees from Bake Blvd. Decadent Desserts, The Akron Beacon Journal reports.

‘I thought it was really great of him to do that,’ local man David Galehouse said. ‘He’s never done anything like that in the past.’

The deliveries included six ‘Just a Kid from Akron Cherry Cola’ cupcakes along with six ‘Homecourt Chocolate Chunk’ cupcakes.

Each was designed specifically for James and debuted in March at a price of $2.25 per cupcake.

Fifty per cent of the proceeds from each flavor are donated to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Several neighbors tweeted photos of the cupcakes and the note saying that ‘we are sorry for the chaos,’ adding that the James family is ‘so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.’

‘As a gesture of our gratitude and appreciation, our family wants to give you something that is meaningful to us, our foundation’s cupcakes. We hope you enjoy the treat!’ the note concludes.

It was not addressed from James himself but from his wife and two children.

Read more at The DailyMail Online.

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