Lovie Smith may have just called Jameis Winston his starter

By: FOXSports

When Lovie Smith spoke about both of his quarterbacks, Jameis Winston and Mike Glennon, he may have just given a little too much away, according to Justin Pawlowski of Bucs Blitz.

“I have a plan and a part of that plan is for Jameis to get a certain amount of reps with certain guys,” Lovie Smith said when asked about giving Jameis Winston as many reps as possible. “He’s gone with the ones, he’s gone with the twos. At the same time it’s not just about Jameis. We need to get our backup quarterback ready too.”

Whoops. Maybe a little too much information given from Lovie there? When stating that they needed to get the “backup quarterback ready too,” he’s essentially calling Glennon the backup, unless he just massively misspoke. Well, it’s seemed like Winston would be the man to start Week 1, and now we’re just getting closer and closer to the time where that may become official.

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