Malcolm Butler: From sports world underdog to Superbowl hero

Patriots rookie Malcolm Butler came out of nowhere to make the catch that won the Super Bowl.

Now the Daily Mail Online can reveal the remarkable rags to riches story that is every bit as incredible as the last-gasp interception that stunned the world.

Butler’s family and teachers have revealed how he once preferred basketball, barely played football for much of his time at high school and was even suspended from his studies.

But they praised the hometown hero who went from serving fried chicken in Popeyes to playing alongside NFL superstar Tom Brady – in the space of two years.

Brady was so impressed by his New England teammate’s ‘perfect play’ he promised this week to give Butler the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck he earned as Super Bowl MVP.

Proudest of all, however, is Butler’s retired high school coach who has seen three of his student athletes make the Super Bowl – but never before win one.

The 24-year-old corner back was an undrafted Division II footballer last May before he won a spot with the Patriots following a tryout camp.

 But even before he snatched the championship from Seattle Sunday night, Butler had already defied the odds just by taking the field.

The future footballer grew up on a tough neighborhood in Vicksburg, Mississippi, once the site of a 47 day siege during the American Civil War but now just as well known for its casinos.

Single mom Deborah Butler, 51, held down several nursing home jobs at once while struggling to raise five kids.

Her sons Malcolm and Willie, 27, shared a room while she and her daughters Shanta, 29, Delisa, 35, and Demetra, 37, squeezed into the remaining two bedrooms at their small family home beside a rusting storage rental complex.

‘We struggled, we really did. Life was hard,’ Demetra told Daily Mail Online. ‘We were on low income. We shared three rooms.

‘It was a real strain for mother but she worked two or even three jobs at the same time to get us where we are today.

‘Malcolm got all his focus and his strength from her. She would always tell us to stay in school and stop us from hanging about with the wrong crowd.

She was in Arizona Sunday to see the game while the rest of the family were at a special Super Bowl party.

‘When we saw Malcolm make the interception we were jumping up and crying tears of joy. It was a dream come true.

‘He will probably buy our mom a nice-sized house and a car but I bet she’ll keep working all the same – that’s what she loves to do.’

Vicksburg High School has produced more than its share of football heroes, with Philadelphia Eagles star Richard Blackmore and College Football hall-of-famer Kevin Dent among those who have donned the green and white uniforms of the Gators.

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