Man blames lack of sleep for tying up, beating, and killing girlfriend’s 9-year-old son

A man was jailed for 30 years for beating his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son to death over a missing slice of birthday cake.

Robert Leroy Wilson admitted second-degree murder in a case in which the judge likened the boy’s treatment to torture.

For weeks before the beating, Jack Garcia was a virtual prisoner in the Hagerstown apartment in Maryland he shared with his mother, her brother and her fiance, prosecutor Robert Leroy Wilson said.

Jack was routinely deprived of food if Wilson felt the boy hadn’t exerted himself enough, and he was handcuffed to a chair or beaten with a bamboo sword if he took food without permission.

Washington County Circuit Judge M. Kenneth Long said: ‘What a bleak existence this little person had.’

Wilson, 31, accepted responsibility for Jack’s death but didn’t acknowledge striking the blow that caused his death from a head injury on July 5.

In return, prosecutors dropped seven other charges of child abuse, assault, neglect and reckless endangerment.

Wilson, a restaurant cook, tearfully told the judge he had been under stress from tight finances, lack of sleep, a strained relationship with the mother of his own child and ‘all different things going on in the apartment about people not doing what they were supposed to.’

Defense attorney Thomas Tamm said Wilson had been physically abused as child.

But Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Mollett-Gaumer said there was no excuse for the major role Wilson played in Jack’s death.

‘Jack was such a problem for stealing food? Well, maybe he was hungry,’ she said.

Jack Garcia is shown in a photograph taken last year before he was fatally beaten up at his Maryland home 

Jack’s mother Oriana Garcia and maternal uncle Jacob Barajas are also charged with second-degree murder. They’re scheduled for trial on May 17. Neither has entered a plea.

Police said Wilson beat Jack unconscious after Barajas handcuffed him to a bicycle lock attached to a chair as punishment for taking a piece of cake belonging to Wilson’s two-year-old daughter.

A 10-year-old girl visiting that day told investigators she heard Wilson yelling, ‘Cough up the cake,’ in the room where Jack was beaten while the boy cried, ‘No! Stop!’

Prosecutors say Jack’s mother allowed the abuse and delayed treatment for hours by sending away an ambulance that Barajas had called.

Wilson called for another ambulance more than five hours later.

Source: The DailyMail

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