Man rapes woman, calls 911 on himself to get even with person who killed his 14-year-old son

Joel Jones, 49, was sentenced to 25 years after he raped a woman and called 911 on himselfA man who raped a woman and then immediately called 911 to turn himself in was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In August 2014, Joel Jones, 49, of Riviera, Florida, lured a woman to an empty office building in Palm Beach Gardens under the pretext of hiring her to clean rooms, then pulled a knife and sexually assaulted her.

The woman said he let her go after the attack and she heard him calling 911 as she left.

He told police he turned himself in because he wanted to go to prison so he could get even with the person who killed his 14-year-old son.

On Thursday, the judge granted his request, sentencing him to 25 years.

Considering his age and that he is not up for early parole because of the nature of his crime, he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, reported the Palm Beach Post.

According to the arrest record, Jones told police he committed the attack so he could go to prison because ‘this is how [he would] get to the people who killed his son.’

‘This case is not really about what someone did to your child, but what you did to someone else’s child,’ Circuit Judge Jack Cox told Jones. ‘The things that you did to her was completely beyond the realm of what a human being should do to another human being.’

Joel is no stranger to prison. He served two years of a six year sentence handed down in 1991 for sexual battery and armed robbery and eight years of a 12-year sentence for second degree murder.

Jones met the victim when he placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a cleaner. After he raped her and police arrived, he reportedly said, ‘I assaulted her. Take me to jail!’

The two first met at a gas station close to the building, and then the woman followed Jones in his car to the office building near 21300 Alternative A1a.

Once inside, Jones gave the woman a tour, showing her all of the room she would be cleaning and when they came to the last room he made a pass at her, the victim told police according to the report.

She refused him and tried to leave the room, but he then grabbed her arm and removed her pants.

The woman tried to fight but Jones threatened her with a silver ‘flip-style knife’ – holding it against her neck. He then threw her to the floor and raped her.

It’s unclear what happened to his son or if Jones will be in the same prison as his son’s supposed killer.

Source: The DailyMail

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