Man shot, robbed, left for dead after being lured to apartment by 18-year-old girl

Girl Crying Plenty of Fish, btbA Houston, Texas man was shot and left for dead last week, after meeting up with a woman he met online.

Philman Hartman started talking with 18-year-old Brittany Shalynn Davis on a dating app, and met up with her a few days later at her apartment building on June 29.

However, when he got there he became the unwitting victim of an armed robbery allegedly hatched by the teen and two male friends.

When the two men couldn’t find any cash on Hartman, they shot him in the chest and ran off believing he was dead.

But Hartman survived to see Davis arrested and now he’s telling his tale as a warning to others looking for love online.

Hartman tells KTRK that he met Davis on the dating app Plenty of Fish, which he says he has used to meet people before.

He says he talked with Davis for about three days before she invited him over to her apartment complex to meet in person.

Hartman says they were hanging out at the bottom of a stairwell when she answered a phone call, and then said she needed to go get something out of her house.

As she was walking away, two men walked up and one of them was holding a gun.

The two men then proceeded to harass Hartman for money, but when they couldn’t find anything they yelled at Davis, criticizing her for bringing them a man who had no money.

When the two men told him to get to his car, Hartman refused and that’s when one of the men asked ‘Well are you trying to die today?’ and shot him in the chest.

One of the men then said ‘He’s dead’ before fleeing.

Hartman credits his survival to playing dead and waiting for the group to run away.

‘I just closed my eyes real quick and played dead and then peaked them open and they were all the way down the street,’ he said.

He then found the strength to get back in his car where he called 911. He drove a small distance, but then had to pull over and wait for paramedics since he was having trouble breathing.

Hartman considers himself ‘blessed’ to be alive and says the whole ordeal has scared him away from online dating.

After reporting the incident to police, investigators tracked down Davis.

Neighbors told police that a girl who went by the name ‘Shayye’ lived in one of the buildings and she was arrested, charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

She was ordered held in the Harris County Jail on $30,000 bail.

ABC 13 also reports that Hartman was able to identify the other two men involved in the incident, but their names have not yet been reported.

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