Man who filmed arrest of Freddie Gray ‘taken into custody at gunpoint’ by police

The man who filmed Freddie Gray’s arrest has been arrested at gunpoint, according to reports.

Kevin Moore claims to have been the subject of police harassment and intimidation since filming the moment Gray, 25, was hauled into a paddy wagon on April 12, Counter Current News reported.

And on Thursday, Moore, 30, was reportedly taken into custody with two members of Cop Watch, a group that documents police work in communities across America.

He has since been released but the other two men have not, according to CopWatch’s Twitter page. It is not clear why he was arrested or whether he faces any charges.

His arrest comes after days of alleged intimidation from police officers for filming Gray, who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury while in police custody and passed away a week later on April 19.

Earlier this week, Moore hit out at police for issuing his photo and saying he was ‘wanted for questioning’.

According to Moore, he had already spoken with officers and handed over his footage of Gray’s arrest. He believes cops released the image to intimidate him.

‘What is so important that you have to plaster my picture over the Internet? I’ve already spoken,’ Moore told the Baltimore Sun.

‘For the police to post that picture and say you don’t know who I am, that’s B.S. You know who I am.’

Tensions are high surrounding the circumstances of Gray’s arrest and death.

An investigation has concluded Freddie Gray broke his neck after falling head-first into the back of the police van as it was moving, it was reported today.

Medical and law enforcement sources briefed on the police investigation told ABC News Gray’s ‘catastrophic’ head injuries were consistent with hitting a bolt ‘in the back door of the van’.

They claimed there was ‘no evidence’ Gray sustained a fatal spine injury during his arrest, which was caught on camera on a street side on April 12.

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