Mentoring for Impact: Imparting values of manhood as a force to be reckoned with

By Alfred Edmond, Jr. | Black Enterprise


Mentor/Volunteer, 31, Actor/Model/Creative Director
Twitter: @LouisMacarthur_; Instagram: @louismacarthur

My focus for 2019 has been to give directly back to the Los Angeles communities with a goal of mentoring for impact. Two organizations that I volunteer with, Peggy Beatrice Foundation (Skid Row) and Engage The Vision (Inner-City LA), offer the opportunity to make an immediate impact every week. This is along with continuing my iLead mentoring series in my hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee—where I actively mentor high school athletes and help them pursue higher education and excel in the college admissions/recruiting process.

On Tuesdays, I am in downtown L.A. distributing and serving food, clothes, prayers, and love to hundreds of homeless individuals who make up the infamous Skid Row district. On Fridays, I am inside the inner-city elementary school—mentoring young boys ages 9-11. This is an interactive program that allows us to impart values of manhood that these young kids may not receive anywhere else. These minority youth all are from low-income households. An invaluable impact from being involved in these organizations has been the discovery of the influence I have as a black man. The power to enforce and make change lies in our ability to be of service. When integrity aligns with work ethic, your impact is inevitable. That’s what mentoring for impact is about.

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