Michael Brown’s parents say St. Louis prosecutor ‘crucified’ their son’s character

Michael Brown, Sr. said on Wednesday that the grand jury’s decision not to indict white cop Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of his son, an unarmed black teenager, reinforced to him that he was living in a ‘racist state’.

Michael Brown’s father and mother, Lesley McSpadden, reacted with fury to Officer Darren Wilson’s first interview on Wednesday, saying: ‘I don’t think he wanted to kill my son but he wanted kill someone.’

Mr Brown Sr told Reverend Al Sharpton that he also believed St Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch ‘crucified’ his 18-year-old son’s character.

The parents attended the National Action Network’s House Of Justice in Harlem, New York on Wednesday afternoon where they prayed with Sharpton; the family of Eric Garner, a father-of-six who died in police custody in New York this summer; and the partner of Akai Gurley, the Brooklyn man a police officer shot and killed last week.

Reverend Sharpton said at the Wednesday press conference: ‘As you see, they share each other’s pain.’

He added: ”These families didn’t choose to be public figures… they have been thrown into a painful spotlight.’

Mr Brown Sr said earlier that the grand jury’s decision ‘just let me know that where we live is not what we thought, or what I thought.

‘It’s what people have been saying all the time, for a nice little minute: that this was a racist state.’

The teenager’s parents had earlier spoken to CBS, alongside their lawyer Benjamin Crump, a day after Wilson said he was only doing his job on the day he killed the unarmed teen and that now, he wanted to get on with a ‘normal life’.

Ms McSpadden said: ‘He [Wilson] says that his conscience is clear. How can your conscience be clear after killing somebody even after it was accidental death?’

The grieving mother broke down when she said that she couldn’t even donate Michael’s organs following his death.

Officer Wilson has maintained that he made the right choice to use lethal force in the fight in broad daylight on August 9 – and would do it all over again because Brown went for his gun and he feared he would be killed.

However Ms McSpadden said on Wednesday: ‘I don’t believe a word of it. I know my son too well, he wouldn’t provoke anyone like that.’

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