Michael Sam joins Cowboys’ practice squad after being dropped by Rams

Michael Sam is set to sensationally join the Dallas Cowboys it emerged on Tuesday and the star told MailOnline: ‘I’m excited to be a Cowboy, it’s great to be heading home.’

The defensive end – the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL – jetted in to Texas ahead of a physical on Wednesday when he’s expected to complete the dream move.

Sam will join the Cowboys practice squad just days after being sensationally dropped by the St Louis Rams.

The Missouri team announced its final pick for the 2014 season but Sam’s name wasn’t on the roster despite having an impressive pre-season.

And his shock departure sparked claims the gay star was dropped due to the unwanted attention surrounding his sexuality.

But today, in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, upbeat Sam shrugged off any controversy.

Initially there were fears that no team in the NFL would pick Sam up but the 24-year-old’s dreams are back on track.

The laid back star said he hasn’t even had the chance to speak with his family in Texas about the dream move.

‘It has all happened so quickly, but it’s exciting, I just wanna get back to playing football you know.

‘I haven’t had chance to speak to any of my family yet, not even my mom, but I will.

‘I never followed the Cowboys growing up because I never had a team. I am a fan of defenses and Dallas need some help, that’s why I’m going.’

The former Missouri College star said he’s now come full-circle.

‘It’s funny, Missouri is where my college career ended and now I’m heading back home to Texas where hopefully my NFL career will start,’ he said.

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