Middle school student suspended for one month for sharing inhaler with wheezing classmate

Two honor roll students were suspended from their Texas middle school after one girl shared her inhaler with a classmate who was wheezing during gym class.

Seventh-grader Indiyah Rush tried to help classmate Alexis Kyle, who suffers from asthma and previously spent time in the Intensive Care Unit for the condition.

Indiyah told Fox4 News: ‘I was just trying to save her life. I didn’t know I was doing anything bad.’

Indiyah Rush, pictured, shared her asthma inhaler with classmate Alexis Kyle when she was breathing heavily in gym class
Alexis, left, has previously spent time in the Intensive Care Unit for the condition   A school incident report listed Indiyah as a 'perpetrator' with a 'controlled substance/marijuana'. Pictured, the inhaler she shared

In addition to being suspended, both girls will now have to attend an alternative school for 30 days.

They were dealt the automatic punishment since the incident report at Vernon Schrade Middle School, in Garland, Texas, listed Indiyah as a ‘perpetrator’ with a ‘controlled substance/marijuana’, KDFW-TV reported.

Indiyah’s mother Monique Rush, who has always taught her daughter to help those in need, is worried that actual drug offenders at the alternative school will be a bad influence.

She said: ‘I don’t want any of that to rub off on her. I mean, they punished her twice. They suspended her on top of sending her to alternative school. How could you do a kid like that?’

Alexis’ step-father, Michael Green, credits Indiyah for saving his daughter’s life. He said: ‘We have been to situations where she has been to ICU so we know how bad her asthma is.’

They girls have not been able to attend school as they await a hearing today. Green added he just wanted to see his daughter back in class.

Source: The DailyMail

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