‘Miss Tyson’ teenager bites off ear of 16-year-old girl in viciousNC school bus brawl

A teenage girl has been charged with biting the ear off a fellow student during a fight on a school bus in Wake County, North Carolina.

Amber Romero, 18, had reportedly been attacked by another student on her way home from school, which sparked a brawl on the bus.

During the fight, Romero bit off a large portion of the earlobe of Emiyah Lane Brown, 16, forcing her to be taken to hospital.

'Miss Tyson': Amber Romero, 18, became involved in a fight on her way home from school in Wendell, North Carolina, during which she bit the earlobe off fellow student Emiyah Lane Brown, 16

The fight took place as the students were travelling home from East Wake High School in Wendell, 20 miles east of Romero’s home in Raleigh.

Romero was hit with a lunch bag, which started a fight, during which Romero bit off a part of Miss Lane Brown’s right ear, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison told WDTV.

The incident has similarities with Mike Tyson’s infamous 1997 fight with Evander Holyfield, leading to some U.S. news sources branding Romero ‘Miss Tyson’.

Miss Lane Brown required surgery on her earlobe, and Romero has now been charged with ‘inflicting serious bodily injury’.

The teenager appeared in court on Friday, asking to have her $15,000 bond reduced.

A Wake County judge refused as Romero still has another outstanding assault charge.

Her mother told the local television channel that the teenager regrets the attack, saying that Romero is a victim of bullying at her high school.

‘I really truly feel sorry for the family and we, me and my daughter, sincerely apologize and we both hate it that this happened to her,’ Rynee Romero said.

‘We really did.

‘You know, I’m sorry that this happened.

‘I just want to apologize to her and the family on the behalf of me and my daughter.’

The North Carolina teen brawl has similarities with Mike Tyson's infamous fight with Evander Holyfield, where Mike Tyson bit off a party of Holyfield's ear

Source: The DailyMail

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