Missing Houston toddler found safe, both parents dead

The search for a 14-month-old Houston boy came to a successful but bittersweet end late Tuesday morning when authorities found him safe in Arkansas, but only after his father committed suicide.

An Amber Alert for 14-month-old Tyemetheus Pack was issued by authorities just hours after the body of the boy’s mother, Angel Jackson, 26, was discovered in an apartment complex Tuesday on Pinemont Drive.

She was last seen on Christmas Eve and sent a text message saying she’d been shot before police found her body Tuesday morning. Jackson’s head reportedly exhibited evidence of trauma.

Little Tyemetheus was nowhere to be found at the scene, which prompted the Amber Alert.

Authorities suspected the toddler was with his father, Tumetheus Pack, a person of interest in the case, and at 10.30am Tuesday, their suspicions were confirmed, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Pack drove the child more than 300 miles, to his home town Prescott, Arkansas,Click2Houston reports. Arkansas State Troopers looked for Pack at his home and discovered he had switched his green Chevy Suburban for a white Impala.

Police spotted the car on Interstate 30 and stopped the vehicle to find the toddler in the car with Pack, a woman, and two other children.

Bill Sadler, Arkansas State Police spokesperson, told the Chronicle that during the stop, Pack stepped out of the vehicle and fatally shot himself.

Pack died later at the Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope in Hope, Arkansas.

The toddler is now with child welfare workers in Arkansas and his aunt, Daviana Standokes, told Click2Houston that the family is looking forward to making a good home for the boy in Louisiana.

‘He’s going to be with us, he’s going to remain with family, our family. He’s going to be more than okay, Standokes said.

‘I know we could never replace his mom, but we’re sure as hell going to try.’

No one else in the car was harmed, and KHOU reports that police say they never fired any shots at Pack.

Investigators are now working to piece together both the circumstances surrounding Jackson’s death and Pack’s trail out of Houston with the child, according to the Chronicle.

Houston police are headed to Arkansas to question the woman who was in the car Pack when police pulled him over. Police still do not know if the woman and children in the car with the boy’s father are related to him.

Initially, police did not classify Jackson’s death as a homicide and wanted simply to talk to Pack in an effort to gather information about Jackson’s death.

However, now police suspect that Pack killed Jackson then took off with little Tyemetheus, according to KHOU.

Jackson also has an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship who is reportedly living with his biological father.

ABC reports that Pack had been on the run since June 2012 after violating his parole. He had previously been released after serving an eight-year sentence for a kidnapping charge.

Source: The DailyMail

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