Mom extends ‘open invite’ to 16th birthday party of son who suffers with cerebral palsy

As a cerebral palsy sufferer, he struggles with communication – but loves to be around people.

So, for Tate Malone’s 16th birthday, his mother has decided to extend an open party invite.

Tambra Malone is hoping residents in Evington, Virginia, will attend her son’s upcoming birthday bash at the community’s Chapel Grove Baptist Church to fulfill his wish to be surrounded by others.

She also hopes the event – which is being held at the church on Saturday, August 15 – will raise awareness of cerebral palsy, a brain disorder which impairs sufferers’ control of movement.

In addition to the disorder, Tate also suffers from epilepsy. ‘We were just brainstorming for his birthday and he said he would like a birthday party and birthday cards,’ Ms Malone told ABC 8.

‘He likes people to read to him and he loves bright colors. I thought it would be good for the community to get to come out and get to know him and know more about his condition.

‘I want to encourage others not to be trapped inside just because they have a condition.’

She added that her 15-year-old son loves people – even when they do not react kindly to him.

‘When we are out, people are looking and staring. And it doesn’t bother me. He’s mine and I know he’s a child of God so I shouldn’t be ashamed of him,’ Ms Malone told

Tate, who is a big fan of gospel music and singer-songwriter Sam Smith, is wheelchair-bound due to his disorder. He regularly suffers from seizures, cannot control his muscles and cannot speak.

Instead, he blinks once for ‘no’ and twice for ‘yes’.

Ms Malone cares for her teenage son full-time – a job that has become even more challenging after Tate’s father was diagnosed with a brain condition four years ago that also left him needing care.

‘It’s a 24-hour job. I don’t hardly get any sleep,’ said the mother, who is helped by aides at the family home in the mornings and evenings and also has a 13-year-old daughter named Trinity.

In a bid to make Tate’s 16th birthday special, Ms Malone decided to invite the community to his party. To do so, she contacted friend and Danville Register & Bee freelance reporter, Susan Elzey.

Ms Elzey then wrote a story on Tate – who is due to enter the 11th grade at George Washington High School – which was published last Sunday and details his mother’s plans for his special day.

Those who cannot attend Tate’s birthday bash on Saturday are asked to send him birthday cards.

The teenager turns 16 on Sunday, August 30 – two weeks after his planned party, ABC reports.

‘I want to let him know he can do anything and he can be anything,’ said Mrs Malone.

Cards can be mailed to Tate Malone, 233 Meadowbrook Lane, Danville, VA 24540.

Tate’s birthday party at Chapel Grove Baptist Church will kick off at 3pm on Saturday, it is reported.

Source: The DailyMail

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