Mom graduates high school with son 18 years after dropping out from being pregnant with him

The last time this mother and son were in high school together, the mother was 18 and the son wasn’t born yet. Now they will be giving dual speeches at their graduation from the same high school.

Enjoli Harris-Carter, 37, and her son Elijah, 17, are both due to get their diplomas from Renton Technical College in Renton, Washington on June 23. Elijah will be graduating with honors, but he’s even more honored to be graduating with his mom, who dropped out of high school when she found out she was pregnant with him in her senior year.

Enjoli Harris-Carter, 37, and her son Elijah, 17, are set to graduate from high school at the same time

‘I always find it cool that my mom is grabbing this opportunity,’ he told Fox Q13. ‘Always doing the best she can with it.’

Elijah was born with severe asthma problems that kept him in the hospital for much of his babyhood. Then Harris-Carter was involved in an abusive marriage, which she finally escaped. Then she had another child.

But eventually she met her second husband, Damon, and got married and had two children.

None of this left her much time to think about going back to school, though she often thought about dropping out.

‘Whenever I’m asked about my biggest regret in life, I say hands down, I always say it was dropping out of high school,’ she said.

When Elijah began having problems with high school as well, and his grades slipped, he transitioned to a part homeschool part classroom instruction program at Renton Tech. There, he flourished, and will graduate with honors and a GPA of 3.62.

At first, when Elijah began encouraging his mother to go back and get her diploma, she resisted because she was so proud of her son’s good grades and didn’t want to steal his spotlight. ‘I wanted him to have his moment to shine,’ she said.

But Elijah kept encouraging her, so she relented. She finished the last six courses she needed online and is on track to graduate with her son in June. Both of them will be speaking at commencement in front of 6,000 people.

They’re also planning a double graduation party, of course.

‘I’m so happy, accomplishing this is amazing,’ Harris-Carter said.

Elijah added: ‘And kind like the way my mom is proud of me, I’m also proud of her.’

‘This is kind of full circle,’ Harris-Carter says of beginning high school with her son – and ending it with him.

Source: The DailyMail

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