Mom who left kids in hot car refused work, spent donation money on rap album

A mother who won public sympathy – and donations of more than $114,000 – after claiming that she had no option but to leave her two little boys in a sweltering car so she could attend a job interview has been accused by an ex- supporter of refusing job offers and wasting the money donated to her.

One of Shanesha Taylor’s biggest supporters following her arrest in March was civil rights leader Reverend Jarrett Maupin, but he now says his patience has run out.

‘We’re trying to separate Shanesha Taylor from her mistakes, and that has proved to be perhaps an insurmountable obstacle,’ he told ABC15.

Following Taylor’s arrest and tear-stained mugshot, the 35-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona quickly raised $114,000 after support poured into an online fundraising account.

Part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid charges for Taylor included her putting some of the $114,000 raised into a trust for her children.

When she failed to do so, prosecutors reinstated charges against her earlier this month and she will now face trial on December 3 on two felony charges of child abuse.

Now Rev. Maupin has spoken out against Taylor and accused her of taking advantage of the people who donated money to her.

According to Rev. Maupin, he arranged jobs for Taylor in the hospitality industry after she expressed an interest in the sector – but then she didn’t show up.

He has also accused Taylor of wasting the money that was donated to her.

‘We had someone call my office and alert her attorney to the fact that she spent $6,000 at a music studio in Tempe to finish her baby daddy’s rap album,’ said Rev. Maupin.

‘That’s not what people gave her that money for.’

In a response to Paupin’s claims, Taylor said, ‘I haven’t spoken to [Maupin] since July 21. He has not been part of my defense team. Anything he says is libel or slander.’
Ms Taylor was arrested March 20 after leaving her two young sons in her car for about 45 minutes while she interviewed for a job with a Scottsdale insurance company.

Authorities said the temperature inside the car exceeded 100F. A witness found the infant crying hysterically and sweating profusely. She told investigators she didn’t have anyone to watch her then-2-year-old and 8-month-old sons.

Her situation, along with her mug shot, inspired a New Jersey woman to start an online fundraising campaign for her. Donations poured in.

She struck a deal with prosecutors in July that allowed her to avoid prosecution if she fulfilled a number of requirements, such as setting up the trust funds, taking parenting classes and completing a substance-abuse treatment program.

Prosecutors backed out of the deal after they say Ms Taylor failed to put $60,000 in the trusts. Still, they gave her another chance by lowering the amount to $40,000 but again she refused to pay.

She has repeatedly refused to say how much of the donated money remains, but has previously claimed it is well over $60,000. She said she didn’t fund the trusts because her children will not get the money if they choose not to attend college.

Prosecutors say the mother of three has spent about $4,100 per month, including more than $1,000 in non-essential items such as cable TV, clothing and dining.

Taylor was granted custody of her children in August after first being prevented from seeing them after her March 20 arrest and later being granted supervised contact.

Source: The DailyMail

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