Money lessons everyone should know before leaving high school

A graduation cap tassel over a pile of money.

By Alessandra Malito, Marketwatch | Source: New York Post

Learning how to effectively manage money can make a huge difference in high schoolers’ lives. If not immediately, then certainly later on in life.

But they don’t often get the lessons they need. Not in school and not at home, as one high school student wrote on Reddit this week. In her post, she said she wasn’t sure what to do with whatever money she gets and is often inclined to spend it.

She said she simply didn’t know where she could learn about money management and that her parents can’t teach her the basics because they aren’t good with money themselves. “They live paycheck to paycheck and spend money recklessly,” she wrote. “I know this because I have compared my parents’ habits to those of people who are a bit better off.”

US schools rarely incorporate personal finance into their curriculum. Only 16.4 percent of the 13 million high school students across the country in 2017 were required to take a personal-finance course to graduate, according to Next-Gen Personal Finance. When the five states that mandate a personal finance course are eliminated, that figure drops to 8.6 percent.

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