Morbidly obese mother who had weightloss surgery to save her life refuses to walk

A morbidly obese woman who once tipped the scales at 800lbs is cheating on her diet and still refusing to get up and walk nine months after she had life-saving weight loss surgery.

Marla McCants, 44, from Nashville, Tennessee, was one of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s most difficult patients when she moved to Houston to work with the weight loss surgeon during her first appearance on the TLC realty series My 600lb Life.

And while it has been almost a year since her gastric bypass surgery, the mother-of-three admits in a clip from Wednesday night’s follow-up episode that she still relies on her daughter Sierra for almost everything as she continues to crave the fried chicken she used to make at her bedside.

Not getting better: Marla McCants is still bedridden nine months after she chronicled her weight loss surgery on the TLC reality series My 600lb Life  

‘It’s been about nine months since I had my weight loss surgery, and over the past month I have continued to make some progress,’ she says.

‘I am losing weight, but I am still not able to get up and move around, and I am still having to rely on my daughter Sierra for a lot, and that is always stressful on both of us.’

However, despite her troubles, Marla claims that she is still losing weight after she shed 266lbs in one year.

When Marla first appeared on the series in April 2015, she revealed that her weight started to spiral out of control after she was kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend and held hostage.

Dependent: Almost a year after she had gastric bypass surgery, the 44-year-old still relies on her daughter Sierra (right) to help her with almost everything 

Marla and Sierra moved to Houston, so she could she could work with weight loss expert Dr. Nowzaradan, but following her gastric bypass surgery and a lengthy stay in the hospital, she was discharged because of her lack of cooperation and refusal to try and stand as part of her recovery.

The surgeon had all but given up on Marla until he received an impassioned call from Sierra, begging him to come to her apartment and convince her mom to get up once and for all.

Dr. Nowzaradan made the house call and requested emergency medical technicians come to the apartment to help Marla stand for the first time in five years.

With the help of a walker, the EMTs and Dr Nowzaradan’s support, Marla was able to stand for a few seconds. And, although brief, this short moment gave her enough confidence to try and stand again, essentially changing the direction of her recovery for the better.

Losing patience: Sierra explained that she is frustrated that she can't move on with her own life because her mother can't get up and walk 

However, it is nine months later, and Marla still will not walk on her own, although she claims having skin removal surgery will finally help her get out of bed and moving.

‘A couple of months ago, I was kind of depressed because things weren’t going as I thought they would go, but it is getting better. I’m getting stronger,’ she says.

‘The next big goal I have is to get up and walk, and I know getting some of this excess skin removed would help out tremendously.

‘I came to Texas so I can get my life back and be here for my grandkids, but I still don’t feel like I am able to be in their lives like I should, so I can’t wait to get that surgery done.’

Desperate measures: When viewers first met Marla last year (pictured), she was making fried chicken at her bedside 

Small victory: Marla stood for the first time in five years (pictured) during her first appearance on the show, but she still hasn't progressed to walking on her own 

Marla admits that is has been ‘hard’ sticking to the diet he doctor wants her on while noting that she ‘can’t keep anything down’.

‘I still have cravings. I miss fried chicken,’ she says. ‘I was trying to find a way that I can eat that. I tried using olive oil, but it don’t taste the same, and just eating meat is a little frustrating.’

Marla says she isn’t supposed to eat vegetables on her diet, but she does have cabbage and other cheat items that are far worse for her diet.

‘I probably eat more chicken than anything, but I’ve had a couple bags of chips,’ she reveals. All I can say is that I am human. You don’t have to starve yourself; you just have to make better choices.’

However, Marla’s physical dependence on her daughter is taking its toll on Sierra, who wants to move on with her life, but can’t because she is her mother’s caretaker.

In the preview clip from tonight’s episode, Marla can be seen asking Sierra to help her fold a sheet, make her lunch, and fetch her brush.

‘I feel frustrated because if she can just get up and walk, that would be a major step for me,’ Sierra admits. ‘I know right then and there—boom—I could just take off with my life.’

And while Sierra has reached the end of her patience with her mother, Marla believes that she will be on her own soon.

‘A couple of months ago, I would have said it was frustrating sitting in this bed watching people come and go, but use that as fuel now because soon I will be out there,’ she says.

‘I am going to the doctor’s soon, and I am hoping he will give me the go-ahead to get skin surgery.’

Source: The DailyMail

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