Mother arrested for leaving kids in hot car misses deadline to set up kids’ trust fund

A single mom who was arrested for leaving her children in her hot car while she went for a job interview has missed the court-imposed deadline to set up a trust fund for them.

Shanesha Taylor, 35, received a staggering $114,000 in donations from strangers after she was pictured crying in her mugshot following her arrest in Scottsdale, Arizona in March.

As part of a deal to avoid felony child abuse charges, Taylor agreed to establish a $60,000 trust fund for her children with some of the money.

But on Monday, it emerged in court that she had not yet set up the funds – $30,000 for education and $30,000 for childcare – because she fears she will need the money before her children turn 18.

She told a judge in the settlement conference that she still hasn’t found a job to support her kids and may need to tap into that money.

She argued that the required amount was too much and requested it be reduced to $35,000.

The judge asked if she would be willing to show the state her bank records so authorities can determine whether she has made big purchases and if it is necessary to renegotiate the agreement.

Taylor told the judge that the money is in her mother’s bank account and her mom may not want her to disclose the records.

She then suggested funding the accounts with $35,000 instead of the $60,000 previously agreed.

If prosecutors decide to allow another agreement, they will meet Wednesday to hash out the details.

‘She’s concerned about her future,’ said her attorney Benjamin Taylor, who is working pro bono, Fox10 reported. ‘She doesn’t have a job right now. The fund is helping her survive.’

The single mother-of-three and Air Force veteran was initially barred from seeing her children after she was arrested on March 20 for leaving her two sons – aged six months and two years – alone in her car for 45 minutes while she went for an interview.

A witness found the baby crying hysterically and sweating profusely as temperatures inside the SUV topped 100 degrees.

According to court documents, firefighters found the vehicle’s windows rolled down an inch and no running air conditioning to keep the children cool.

Her children were taken to hospital on the day of her arrest but were not found to have suffered any injuries. They were placed with family and Taylor was eventually allowed to see them under supervision.

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