Mother in court for ‘killing two of her kids and putting them in freezer’ flies into a rage over absent father


A mother who is accused of killing her children and then stuffing their bodies in a freezer was removed from court after confronting the father during a parental rights termination hearing.

Mitchelle Blair, 35, from Michigan, is charged with with felony murder, premeditated murder and torture.

Court officers carrying out a March 24 eviction at the family’s apartment found the frozen corpses of 13-year-old Stoni Ann Blair and 9-year-old Stephen Gage Berry.

Blair used an expletive Wednesday in juvenile court as visitation between her two living children and their fathers was discussed.

Blair also said Alexander Dorsey was ‘never there’ for his children.

Dorsey is the father of Blair’s 17-year-old daughter and was the father of 13-year-old Stoni Blair who was found dead in a freezer.

Dorsey, did not respond to her yelling and sat with his hands clasped and stared silently ahead.

‘How many birthdays did you miss?’ Blair said.

‘Never. Never. You understand what I’m saying.’

She was removed from the court when she failed to stop shouting, although she returned silently 13 minutes later, reports the Detroit Free Press.

State officials are seeking to terminate Blair’s parental rights to her other two children, as well as the parental rights of her children’s fathers.

Blair’s two surviving children have been placed into a relative’s care.

Steven Berry, the father of deceased Stephen and Blair’s eight-year-old son, only turned up at towards the end.

Both fathers owe thousands of dollars in child support, according to a court document.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Edward Joseph required supervised visitation for the fathers, denying a request from attorneys for unsupervised visits with their children because previously each of them had only had visit with their child.

Detroit Free Press reported that after the hearing, Berry declined to comment.

Dorsey said Blair had always wanted to see his children and tried to develop a relationship, but Blair would not let him.

‘I don’t hate her,’ he said. ‘She’s the mother of my children.’

Blair initially was charged with child abuse, but more charges had been expected after autopsies revealed the siblings were beaten to death.

Investigators believe Stephen died in August 2012 and Stoni died the following May.

In a court filing, the state said her daughter described a home where she and her surviving brother were beaten with an extension cord and piece of wood and hit and burned with a hot curling iron.

Medical exams revealed evidence of abuse, including numerous scars, on the surviving children.

Twenty-five scars were found on the boy’s back that were consistent with being hit by an extension cord, according to a petition obtained by the Detroit News.

Blair’s teenage daughter also described how her siblings were killed, according to court papers.

‘Blair tortured Stephen for approximately two weeks prior to his death by tying a belt around his neck, throwing hot water on him while in the shower and putting a plastic bag over his head,’ the state said, quoting the 17-year-old.

Stephen was ‘unresponsive’ on Aug 30, 2012, and Blair wrapped his body in bed linen and put him in the freezer, the state said.

Nine months later, Blair became ‘enraged’ when Stoni said she didn’t like her surviving siblings and strangled the girl with a T-shirt and suffocated her with a plastic bag, the department said.

Blair then made the teen ‘put Stoni in the deep freezer following her death,’ the agency said.

The bodies of the children were discovered on Tuesday while court officers were serving an eviction notice.

The apartment was reportedly filled with food and trash and rendered almost ‘unlivable’, according to the report.

Blair’s eight-year-old boy also was aware that his sister and brother were killed and subsequently placed in the freezer, the department said.

While being questioned, Blair told investigators she placed Stephen ‘in a boiling hot tub of water until his feet blistered’ because she found out Stephen was allegedly sexually assaulting a relative, according to the Detroit News.

Blair also told police that when he died, she wrapped him ‘in his favorite blanket’ and put him in the freezer, the police report states.

The surviving children did not mention sexual abuse when they were interviewed by counselors, according to a juvenile court petition.

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