Mother of four who won $188 million Powerball uses $21 million to bail boyfriend out of jail

The North Carolina mother of four who won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot in February has used $21million of her earnings to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

On top of the bond postings, it appears that 27-year-old Marie Holmes has also paid approximately an additional $1,470,000 in fees she will never get back after posting bond for her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Lamarr McDow.

Holmes, of Shallotte, bailed McDow out of jail for the third time since March early Friday morning after posting his $12million bond following an arrest for violating a pre-trial release agreement for prior heroin-related charges, according to WECT.

She posted McDow’s $3million bail in March, after he had been in jail since 2014 on heroin-trafficking charges.

In August, she posted his $6million bail after he was cited during a raid in July.

During the July raid, Holmes Holmes, 26, was charged with simple possession of marijuana after police found less than a half ounce of the drug and paraphernalia in her home.

In August, she posted a $6million bail after he was cited during a July raidHe was taken into custody again on a bill of indictment from the November 2014 charges, but was bailed out for $10,000, according to Star News Online.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on December 26 on a misdemeanor charge of conspiring to arrange a street race. He was booked into Brunswick County Jail on Tuesday under a $12million bond.

McDow was required to wear an ankle bracelet under the terms of his pre-trial release which puts him under house arrest. He is allowed to go to work, to church on Sundays, to the doctor and to court.

GPS monitoring showed that McDow violated the terms of the agreement, the warrant was issued and he was later arrested, according to Lt Steve Lanier with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

The bonds are skyrocketing because the amount doubles if a defendant breaks pre-trial release rules. The non-refundable fee paid to bail bondsmen is at least seven per cent, which for Holmes, hits about $1,470,000.

McDown was arrested twice in 2014 following two separate drug busts in which authorities confiscated nearly 2,500 bags of heroin.

Holmes then made headlines after she won the lottery in February and accepted a lump-sum payment of $188million.

Since then, has also paid approximately an additional $1,470,000 in bail bondsmen fees that she will never get back while bailing her McDow out of jail

But since then, it has been McDow who has made headlines as he has posted bail under extraordinary circumstances in which very few others would be able to pay the bond fees.

When she found out she won the lotter, Holmes said that she planned to donate millions of her winnings to her church and set up college funds for her four children.

Her children, Brayden, Charisma, Andrea and Ebony, are between one and seven years old. Brayden is believed to suffer from cerebral palsy.

Holmes sacrificed her education to care for her four children and took minimum wage jobs to provide for her family.

With little or no help from the fathers of her four young children, she has struggled financially for most of her adult life.

Holmes has also seen her own father repeatedly jailed and her favorite cousin shot and left paralyzed after a home invasion.

Family members describe Holmes as a loving mother who always put her children first.

‘Marie is very grounded and she will know what to do with all that money,’ said her uncle William Bryant.

‘I’m sure she will want to buy a new home for herself and her kids, but I can’t see any extravagant purchases. She’s a nice girl who loves her family and loves her church.’

The February 11 jackpot was the third-largest in Powerball history and the fifth-largest US lottery prize.

The last time a Powerball jackpot climbed so high was May 2013, when a Florida ticket won a $590.5million prize.

Source: The DailyMail

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