Mother who lost hands, feet in DIY plastic surgery warns others

A mother of two who lost her hands and feet and nearly her life after a silicone filler procedure went horribly wrong says she is a living example of what can happen when you put your life in the hands of rogue cosmetic surgery practitioners.

Apryl Brown, from Los Angeles, was a successful hair stylist who owned her own salon, but had always wanted to fix what she saw as her ‘flaw’ – her flat bottom.

Instead of a curvier behind, Apryl was left in agony and eventually had to undergo 27 surgeries to have her buttocks, legs and arms amputated after a black market practitioner injected her with industrial grade silicone of the sort commonly used in bathroom sealant.

Since recovering from the horrific ordeal the 47-year-old has devoted much of her time to speaking out and encouraging others to think twice about what they let someone inject in their bodies and seek out skilled professionals.

‘All I would ask them to do is, when you have that first thought, make sure they have a second thought about it and do a little research. And if they still want to do it, go for it,’ she told CNN.

‘They won’t be blindsided, saying, “Oh, my God, I had no idea that a simple procedure like that can leave me with no hands, no feet and no butt cheeks.'”

It is a growing problem, with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons warning that more and more people are putting their lives at risk by bypassing doctors just to save some money on basic medical procedures.

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  1. Dr. Joseph says:

    Yeah I’d say if there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on, it’s on hiring someone who’s going to be cutting you open and performing operations on you. It’s almost as bad as skimping on hiring a tattoo artist – if you’re going to make a permanent alteration to your body, I think it’s worth spending the extra money to make sure you don’t regret it.

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