‘My daughter is a linebacker:’ 13-year-old girl earns place on middle school football team

When 13-year-old Paige Smith told coaches she wanted to play for her middle school football team, they said it would never happen.

Two years on she has proved them wrong, and has now been selected as a linebacker.

Eighth-grader Paige, whose twin sister Grace is a cheerleader, turned up for camp at Gladewater Middle School in East Texas and immediately impressed the coaches.

She had been warned that she was going to get ‘run over’ by the opposition if she played, but she now claims she is the one leaving them on the floor.

And in her first game, she showed that she wasn’t going to let the boys off easily.

She described how she made one opposing player – who was twice her size – walk off the field in tears following a big hit.

Rhonda Smith, Paige’s mother, told KETK: ‘She’s not a punter, she’s not a kicker, she’s a linebacker. My daughter is a linebacker.’

Paige told the station: ‘It shows me I can do anything I please or what I want without anyone stopping me.’

‘They need to learn not to go easy on me and hit me as hard as they can because I’m going to hit them as hard as I can,’ she added.

The schoolgirl is determined to play high school football and encourages other girls to give it a try as well.

She said, ‘Don’t let anyone bring you down. They’re just going to try to intimidate you, they’re going to say all of these things but once you get the hang of it, you’re going to be running them over and they ain’t gonna be running you over.’

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