Naked mom throws baby girl from 6-story Bronx apartment window in front of her 3 children

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A Bronx mother fatally threw her baby out of a sixth-story window during a ‘psychotic episode’, police say.

Horrified witnesses told police that Tenisha Fearon had dangled her little girl Junilah Lawrence out her window on Tiebout Avenue, the Bronx in New York, before dropping her onto the concrete below.

The six-month-old baby was rushed to the nearby St Barnabas Hospital but she died an hour later at 2.30pm on Thursday.

Fearon, 27, was taken into custody and is now undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center.

The New York Daily News reported that Fearon’s godmother Luella Hatch said that as cops were taking her away Fearon said: ‘The devil is in her.’

Police said the single mother-of-four was suffering from a ‘psychotic episode’ when she carried out the heinous act. Charges are currently pending.

Fearon’s other children, a ten-year-old boy and two girls aged eight and four, were in the apartment when Junilah was thrown.

Witnesses said Fearon was shouting ‘we’re all going to die’ as she dangled the child over the edge.

New York City police and fire officials were alerted to the incident at around 1.30pm.

Officials said that someone could be heard in the background of the 911 calls pleading:  ‘Don’t throw the baby. Don’t throw the baby.’

Neighbor Carol Watson told the New York Times she had always known Fearon as a ‘good and protective mother’.

‘Something must have snapped,’ Ms Watson said. ‘She must have had a breakdown or something.’

‘The children were always clean and well looked after,’ she said. ‘But you never know what is going on in someone’s head. People are under all kinds of stress these days.’

Another witness, neighbor Gregorio Lopez told the New York Daily News that he heard a scream and ran and saw Fearon through a window.

He said he saw her laid on the ground surrounded by her children. They were all naked.

‘I actually thought that they weren’t alive when I saw them lying on the floor naked,’ Lopez said.

‘But then the maniacal mom ‘jumped up and started hitting the window,’ he said.

He said he was afraid she may throw more of the kids out.

The tragic incident took place just a few weeks after 33-year-old Jennifer Berry was charged with murder for allegedly throwing her newborn out a window in University Heights.

Police officers said they found Jennifer Berry’s infant daughter dead, with her umbilical cord still attached, after she plummeted from the 7th story window.

An autopsy revealed the infant died of blunt force injuries, chief medical examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said Tuesday. The baby’s death was ruled a homicide, meaning she had been born alive.

The baby was found in the courtyard of Berry’s boyfriend’s Bronx apartment building.

Giovanni Johnson, 28, who had been in a relationship with the 33-year-old for around a year and a half, said that he had been under the impression she’d had an abortion. He told investigators he didn’t realize either event had occurred and had no idea his girlfriend was pregnant, officials said.

Source: The DailyMail

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